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If you are looking for a great dentist for teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, you can find many different websites that offer reviews of dentists in your area.  These online reviews can be a great tool, but be sure to read any reviews with a critical eye.  Keep in mind that on many of the websites that allow reviews of dentists, anyone can post a review.  Also, the anonymous nature of the internet sometimes encourages people to say things that they might not say in a face to face encounter.

When evaluating internet reviews, what you are looking for is a consensus among the reviewers.  Wildly enthusiastic and very negative reviews are often suspect.  The writer could be someone who’s goal  is to boost or damage that dentist’s ratings rather than give an honest review.

Also, there are businesses who will write positive reviews for a fee.  If there seem to be a lot of lengthy, well written, positive reviews that all posted at about the same time, it is possible that they were written by professional writers rather than actual customers.

A good way to use online reviews is to read the reviews going back two to three years and ignoring the most positive and most negative reviews.  The reviews that are left will provide you with a pretty good picture of how well most patients are treated by that dental practice.  You should also have an idea whether the quality of care and customer service is improving or declining.

If the consensus is good, then you have probably found a high quality dentist that will provide you and your family with excellent care.  If the consensus is poor or it seems like there is an increase in negative reviews indicating a decline in care or customer service, you may want to keep looking.


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