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Caring for Your Partials and Dentures

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Taking care of your removable prosthesis like partials and dentures is extremely important. The better care you take of them and your oral tissues, the better your appliances will fit and for a longer amount of time! A great fit allows you to speak more clearly, chew better, and enjoy your meals the way your initial dentures were designed.

The first step to caring for your dentures and partial dentures is taking them out each night. Place them in a glass of water along with a cleansing tablet. These tablets dissolve and help to loosen any debris or buildup that collected during the day.  Otherwise, this bacteria can calcify into tartar and stains on top of your denture. Soaking them overnight also lets your oral tissues rest and reduces the risk of fungal or yeast infections in your mouth. In the morning, brush your dentures with a soft bristled brush and rinse them thoroughly before putting them back into your mouth. If possible, use a different brush for your denture than you do for your gums and teeth.

You should still see your dentist for routine care even if you’re wearing dental appliances. Regular care visits give your dentist an opportunity to screen for bone loss, oral cancer, and monitor the fit of your removable appliances. They can even clean and polish your dentures for you! Should you need any adjustments or relining of your denture, your dentist can assist you in extending the life of your appliance.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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