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Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry focuses on the patient’s entire body as a whole, rather than focusing directly on the health of the teeth and gums. By considering other physical attributes and conditions of the patient, more thorough oral care can be provided. In many cases your oral health also affects systemic disease conditions and can improve overall health when dental problems are addressed.

Aspects of holistic dentistry include addressing things such as sleep disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, grinding or bruxism, muscle pain, and others.

Dentists that practice holistic dentistry typically undergo rigorous training that they use in their practice to analyze dozens of areas in each patient in order to identify potential factors that affect their oral health. For instance, patients with sleep disordered breathing often have increased blood pressure, but the use of an oral appliance can help correct the sleep disorder and thereby reduce blood pressure. A patient with uncontrolled diabetes may have periodontal disease and crowded teeth. By using orthodontic therapy, the dentist can help the patient manage their periodontal disease, which in turn helps the patient better manage their blood sugar levels.

Many health conditions are directly or indirectly affected or affect your oral and dental health. Dentists that have received advanced holistic dental training are equipped to help you address your oral health in a comprehensive manner. Rather than coming to your dentist to fix a specific tooth problem, holistic dentistry helps you improve every aspect of your health and treat your body as a single unit.

If you have any questions about holistic dental care or believe you have conditions that are interfering with your oral health, talk to your holistic dentist today.

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