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The Effects of Tooth Crowding

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Orthodontics used to seem to be something that just made your smile look better, or help improve your self-esteem. Not anymore. It turns out that correcting your misaligned teeth can have more of an influence on your mouth, and your body, than was previously thought. Why is this?

Crowded teeth….

Can make you more prone to develop cavities.

It seems pretty straight forward, but teeth that are crowded are more difficult to clean between, making them more likely to develop tooth decay in the areas between. Your toothbrush can’t reach there!

Are more likely to be infected with gum disease.

Misaligned teeth may be skipped over with your toothbrush, and also harbor higher levels of bacterial plaque. In turn, this bacteria triggers an immune response that causes severe gum inflammation, bleeding, bone loss and may risk you to lose your teeth. Teeth that are in the proper positions are more likely to have healthier gums and last many more years.

Can increase your risk of developing a systemic disease condition.

If your crowded teeth develop gum disease, it means you’re more likely to develop (or have a more severe case of) systemic diseases like: diabetes, high blood pressure, premature labor, erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, obesity and dementia.

Wear inappropriately, and may cause TMJ problems.

When your teeth don’t fit together in proper alignment that means they’re not functioning properly either. Over time this causes premature wear of the tooth enamel, which may be noticed as flat or sharply worn teeth in certain areas of the mouth. This improper use of the jaw can also complicate joint function and trigger TMJ problems or discomfort.

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