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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry has become very popular in today’s dental age. Pediatric dentists treat children from the time their first baby teeth break through the gum line until they reach adulthood. Tooth decay is the single most common childhood health problem. Dental cavities are holes in tooth enamel caused by tooth decay, and if not treated can cause a myriad of health problems.

Taking children to the dentist at a very young age has many positive factors:

With X-rays and comprehensive oral exams, dentists are able to detect early stages of many diseases and factors that can have negative effects on a child’s overall health.

An early development of dental-child relationship can promote good oral hygiene. Children who go to the dentist at an early age learn that seeing the dentist is natural, and are generally less afraid of having their teeth cleaned and examined at a later age.

Children who are exposed to early dental appointments are educated about good oral hygiene practices and generally have optimal oral health. When children learn about good oral hygiene at an early age, they can put it into practice from the start. A good foundation goes a long way in oral health.

Parents are also educated about home care preventative oral hygiene. When parents are taught how to properly floss and brush teeth, they are able to ensure that their children are doing these things properly at home.

Pediatric dentists also play a role in encouraging a healthy diet in young children. Eating habits generally start at home and start very young. Dentists can help children understand that what they put into their mouths can affect them in many different health areas.

Pediatric dentistry is an establishment of dentistry that specifically treats children – their oral and overall health. If your child does not feel comfortable seeing your adult dentist, consider taking him or her to a pediatric dentist who specializes in children and their oral health.

Posted on behalf of Jason R. Lee DMD, Greencastle Dental



Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentists are dentists who specialize in caring for children’s teeth, gums, and mouth from infancy through the teen years. Without proper dental care, children can be set up for health problems that can last throughout their entire lives. Pediatric dentists are dedicated to starting and maintaining good oral health from the beginning of a child’s life.

Children are not to be seen as “little adults” in the medical world. Peachtree City pediatric dentists understand the elements of examining and treating children in ways that make them comfortable and relaxed. In addition, pediatric dental offices are designed to be kid-friendly and are arranged and decorated in a manner that appeals to young patients.

Pediatric dentists offer infant oral health exams, preventative care, repair of tooth cavities, management of gum diseases, pediatric periodontal disease, and more. With a specialized approach to pediatric dental assessments, pediatric dentists are able to set your child up for lifelong oral success. Also with the specialized approach, pediatric dentists are able to catch serious problems before unwanted damage is done. For instance, if your child is diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, a pediatric dentist will be able to assist you in finding a workable diet and program to manage the toll diabetes can take on oral health.

Pediatric dentists are becoming a popular choice for parents in the United States. Children often times require specialized dental care that a general dentist can not perform. Pediatric dentists understand the nature of a child, the development of a child’s mouth, and are thus qualified to offer specific care.

Posted on behalf of Jason R. Lee DMD, Greencastle Dental


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