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Making Your Child’s First Dental Visit a Positive One

The first impression that someone gives you, or that you make of something, can last an entire lifetime. When it comes to the dentist, it’s important for your child to have a great first experience with their dental care. From selecting the best children’s dentist for your family, to saying or doing the right things, you can help make your child’s first trip one that will have them loving the dentist from here on out!

Bringing your child in for routine dental check-ups and cleanings will help create a comfortable, recurring theme when they go to see the dentist. Waiting to bring the child until they have a severe dental infection will only make them associate dental care with pain. It’s best to have preventive care visits twice each year and schedule treatment to be completed while it is still as small as possible.

Let the dentist do the talking! You may not know it, but even if you’re trying to encourage your child, you could be saying things that alarm them or interfere with the procedure. Using words like “hurt” or “shot”, even if you say “it’s not going to hurt” or “you’re not going to get a shot” can make your child thing about those things, so it’s best to just not even bring them up.

Instead, tell your child how great they’re doing. How well they’re sitting in the chair, how awesome of a job they’re doing by opening their mouth, and maybe even how you’re going to go out for an extra special treat as soon as you leave. Give them something to look forward to, and they’ll be asking to come back again and again!

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