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Will My Periodontal Cleaning Hurt?

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Have you been told that you need a periodontal cleaning?    You probably have a million questions zipping through your head!

Periodontal cleaning is a type of gum disease therapy that removes plaque and bacteria below the gums and provides a smooth surface for the gums to heal up against. This deep cleaning (also called root planing) is your first line of defense in preventing periodontal pockets from getting any deeper.

But will it hurt?

What Root Planing Feels Like

During regular dental cleanings, your hygienist scales tartar off the crown of the tooth (above your gumlines.)

Go a little deeper, and the tooth root (which has no enamel) might to be carefully smoothed to get rid of rough tartar deposits. Below the gum line, teeth can pick up heavy layers of tartar which irritates the gums, harbors bacteria, and only makes the pockets deeper. The germs are usually embedded in the surface of the tooth root.

Your hygienist will use a variety of slim tools to carefully plane the roots of your teeth. You may feel a rough sensation, a slight pressure on your tooth, and a little sensitivity in the gums.

Most patients report very little or no discomfort during or after the procedure. To help you feel better, a numbing jelly or anesthetic shot is available on request. If needed, you can even break up your cleaning over the course of separate appointments.

Rest assured that a periodontal cleaning does not hurt as badly as you think it might. Any discomfort you do experience is worth getting your healthy gums back!

Ask you dentist about what else can be done to make your cleaning session as comfortable as possible.

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