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Why Dental Implants Are Becoming More Popular

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Traditionally, people had to replace missing teeth with false ones that had to be taken in and out. Complete dentures and partials are still very important replacements for a lot of people.

But dental implant technology has recently set a new standard in terms of medical care. Why are dental implants now the smile restoration of choice?

Implants Save Time

The best time-saver is the fact that you can brush and floss your implant along with the rest of your teeth. No need for removal, odd brushes, or soaking in special solutions. It’s as easy and time-efficient to care for implants as it is for any other teeth.

Everyone Wants a Natural Look and Feel

You have to admit that it can be embarrassing to have a removable dental prosthesis. Your “secret” could impact your nightly routine, social life, and what foods you enjoy while out of the house.

Dental implants are just as strong as natural teeth and aren’t likely to slip out the way a denture could. This means that you can laugh and smile without fear and eat whatever you want. No one ever has to know.

For a Permanent Solution, Choose Dental Implants

Because dental implants stay put for good, you don’t have to worry about adjustment appointments at your dentist’s office. Temporary tooth replacements such as partials and dentures wear down with time and need a dentist to update them. Not so with an implant. Once you get it, you have it for life.

In fact, you can expect to save money over time as you continue to care for your implant.

Is a dental implant the right option for you? Ask your dentist for a professional opinion.

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Can I Eat Anything I Want with a Dental Implant?

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Basically, yes! Almost any of the foods you used to enjoy with a natural tooth can be eaten once again with the help of a dental implant. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be careful about the foods you eat.

Watch What You Bite Into!

Your dental implant is a metal post or screw that does the same thing a natural tooth root is supposed to do. On top of the metal portion is a porcelain crown. The dentist designs the crown to look just like one of your other teeth, helping it to blend in.

Between the metal screw and the durable porcelain, your implant is strong enough to withstand a lot. In fact, once the implant heals into the bone, it becomes even stronger than a natural tooth.

The implant is also stronger than bone. If you bite into something that’s strong enough to tug the implant out of place, it could cause serious damage to your jaw. It could also chip the porcelain crown!

A good rule-of-thumb is that you shouldn’t use your implant for anything that would also hurt natural teeth. This includes things like chewing ice, biting open packages, and opening bottle caps.

What You Can Eat

Implants give you the freedom to enjoy a life free from worry over the gap in your smile. Unlike other temporary tooth replacements, an implant will let you once again enjoy foods like:

  • Crunchy nuts and chips
  • Steak
  • Whole apples
  • Sandwiches

Considering an implant? Talk with your dentist first to make sure that you’re a candidate. Your dentist will tell you what you need to do take care of your new “tooth” and keep it strong.

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Dental Implants Make the Perfect Option for Missing Front Teeth

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It’s not uncommon for a front tooth to be lost during an accident or injury. Childhood injuries, auto accidents and even a slip and fall in the bathroom could cause you to lose a tooth. Replacing it isn’t a problem, but when it’s in the front of your mouth you want an option that lasts long and looks great at the same time. Some tooth replacements require bulky or removable prosthesis that dramatically impact the front of your smile, but dental implants offer an alternative that are worth your attention.

Dental Implants Stand Alone

Instead of having a prosthesis that bonds to two teeth and spans the width of the missing tooth, dental implants are independent tooth replacements that stand on their own. Each titanium root functions the same way your real tooth roots do – anchoring themselves into the bone. Once new bone formation has secured the implant, a restoration such as a crown can be placed on top of it. 

A Permanent Replacement

Dental implants have the highest success rate of any type of dental treatment and have the potential to last your entire life. The implant itself is regarded to be even stronger than your natural teeth! A successful implant treatment will give you a new tooth that you won’t ever have to worry about losing again. 

They Can Be Used Anywhere

If you have more than one tooth missing, implants are still an option. They can support individual crowns, fixed bridges and even full dentures. Their durability and strength allow them to be used anywhere in the mouth.

Are you a candidate for implants? New technology is making more people a candidate than ever before. Book a consultation today to find out more.

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Three Ways Implants Save Your Smile

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Dental implants have completely changed the way people are restoring their smiles. What used to be a foreign concept has become a streamlined, minimally invasive treatment that has replaced other dental prosthesis, as we know them.

Implants give you a permanent alternative

No other tooth replacement option is permanent. Dental implants are. Once you place an implant, there is a 98% success rate that ensures it will last through the rest of your life. Most tooth replacement options are removable or need to be completely replaced every 10-15 years. With dental implants it’s like having brand new teeth and a second chance at a permanent smile. 

Dental implants preserve your natural bone and smile

By replacing a missing tooth with an implant, you’re giving your jaw a surface area to cling to. Otherwise the bone would resorb and the jaw would become weakened. Neighboring teeth would also lose bone support. Implants preserve bone and encourage new bone growth. They also prevent teeth from drifting out of place and becoming crooked due to extra space in the mouth.

Other teeth aren’t impacted

Traditional tooth replacement options like bridges meant reshaping and removing healthy tooth enamel on neighboring teeth in order for the restoration to be placed. With an implant, the new tooth stands independent of other teeth in the mouth. That means otherwise healthy teeth can continue being healthy! Why grind down a healthy tooth when you don’t have to, only to have to do the same thing 10 years later when the restoration needs to be replaced?

Why not consider dental implants for your smile needs? Call your dentist for your no-pressure consultation today.

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Who Needs Dental Implants?

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Who exactly needs dental implants? While the treatment is a wonderful option, it is typically only recommended on people ages 18 and up. The benefit to dental implants is that it gives adults a permanent option to their missing tooth dilemma.

The person with one missing tooth

If only one of your teeth is missing, it can create a chain reaction throughout your mouth. Teeth begin shifting out of place, your bite begins changing, and everything you’ve ever worked for in your smile has changed. Implants are perfect stand-alone tooth replacements. 

The adult who needs smile rehabilitation

Complete smile rehabilitation has never been easier than with dental implants. Implants can support any prosthesis from an individual crown to a multiple tooth bridge. That means no matter how many teeth you need to replace dental implants are an option. They can be used in conjunction with other types of treatments to give you the overall results and health that you deserve. 

The senior who needs a permanent denture

Wearing a removable denture may be difficult or even impossible for some people. If the fit isn’t just right, you won’t be able to keep it secure all throughout the day. An implant-supported denture provides stability while also freeing up space throughout the mouth. This makes it easier to eat and enjoy foods as well as speak more clearly than with traditional dentures.

You’ll never know if implants are an option for you until you ask. Your implant consultation will include an exam, x-ray, and discussion of your needs. There’s something right for everyone – are implants what’s right for you?

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Your Multiple-Tooth Replacement Options

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Missing teeth make it difficult to smile, chew, and even talk. Even one missing tooth can cause other teeth to drift out of place, creating further complications with your smile. If you’ve recently had a tooth extracted or will in the future, it’s important to be ready to move forward with a tooth replacement option that will prevent further complications after the procedure. 

Fixed bridges

A fixed dental bridge uses pontic teeth that are supported between full coverage crowns. They are typically used to replace one or two missing teeth, but only when healthy teeth are present on adjacent sides of the empty space. 

Implant bridges

An implant bridge uses multiple crowns fused together, which form a bridge that is anchored onto titanium implant roots. It can be used regardless of whether there are healthy adjacent teeth or not. They are useful for when multiple teeth are missing and a traditional bridge will be inadequate. 

Removable partial dentures

A removable partial denture clasps around existing teeth and can replace several teeth at one time. They are made of acrylic or acrylic fused with metal. 

Fixed implant dentures

Implant dentures are permanently anchored onto 4 titanium implant roots. They free up more space throughout the mouth and are capable of replacing all teeth at one time, without ever needing to come out! 

Talk to your dentist about which option is best for you. Your current oral health, existing restorations, and number of missing teeth will all have to be considered. Just one simple exam and X-rays is usually all that is needed to find out which option can restore your smile!

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