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Partial Dentures: Straightforward Tooth Replacement

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So, you’re missing some teeth and are trying to find out which replacement option is best for you. You’ve already decided against fixed bridges because there are too many teeth missing, and implants aren’t an option because you have a history of severe bone loss. The logical choice is to have a removable partial denture made.

Partial dentures are functional, economical, and can replace several teeth at one time. A partial may be made out of acrylic bonded to a metal base, or a full acrylic prosthesis. Teeth on the partial are designed to blend in with your other teeth, and the prosthesis uses small clamps to help hold it in place around the existing healthy teeth that you still have.

If you have existing healthy teeth, then a partial is a great way to keep those teeth structurally sound and lasting longer. Rather than shifting out of place due to missing teeth, or being worn down prematurely from overuse, a partial fixes that. Partials not only function like regular teeth, they prevent other teeth from drifting out of place, essentially acting as a retainer.

To have a partial denture made, your dentist will need to take an impression of your mouth. This is used to create models so that the lab can design a custom-fitted appliance that fits properly in your mouth. In about 2 weeks, your partial denture will be ready to try in. If necessary, some minor adjustments may be needed, but you’ll be able to take it home that very same day.

Taking care of your partial can help it last for several years. Soak it overnight and brush it each morning, and always see your dentist for a check-up every 6 months.

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Oral Care for Denture Patients

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So now you’re wearing a denture. If you think that means you get to throw your toothbrush away, think again. Caring for your removable dentures or partial dentures is just as important as taking care of your original teeth. In fact, the better the oral hygiene, the longer the lifespan you can hope to get out of your prosthesis.

The first rule of oral hygiene for denture wearers is to always take your denture out at night. This is important because it gives your oral tissues a chance to rest and reduces the risk of bone wear. Otherwise, bone recession can occur quickly and create a loose fit between your gums and your denture. A properly fitted denture will stay securely in place using suction against the gum tissue, and should not require the use of adhesives or pastes.

Gingival tissues need to breath overnight, and should also be cleaned with a soft brush or washcloth to prevent bacterial infections such as thrush. Soak the denture in a glass of water with a denture-cleansing tablet, and then brush the prosthesis thoroughly in the mornings with a denture brush. It’s important to use a separate brush for your denture, as the bristles can develop microscopic abrasions, which may irritate your gum tissue.

Tartar buildup can form on dentures as well, so seeing your dentist for regular exams can also give you a chance to have this buildup cleaned off by a professional. Your dentist should examine your mouth and denture fit at least once a year. These appointments also allow for oral cancer screenings and an examination for sore spots or abnormal wear on the denture.

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Same Day Dentures

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So you need to have dentures, but you don’t want to wait a long time for them to be made, or go without your teeth while the new set is being designed? That’s not a problem at all thanks to same-day denture treatments. Same-day dentures are placed very quickly, even if you need to have existing, broken, or decayed teeth extracted at the same appointment. You’ll never have to go without your teeth, and will have a quicker transition into your dental prosthesis when you select to have this type of treatment over traditional types of braces.

Same day dentures allow people with poor dental health to get a completely brand new set of teeth without waiting on weeks of healing, denture fabrication, and multiple dental appointments. Your dentist understands that this is a significant factor in your decision to have a new denture made.

Having a set of same-day dentures made will result in a high quality prosthesis that is comparable to traditional denture treatments. Your denture is designed by taking an impression of your mouth before any extractions are performed. Consideration is given to these areas, as the prosthesis is hand-designed in a laboratory. Because of this additional step, you’re able to benefit from a customized prosthesis that looks great and helps restore your oral health right back to where it ought to be.

If you’re considering getting dentures, schedule a consultation with your dentist to ask about the types of dentures available for your individual needs. Many times there are a variety of options that patients did not know where available to them, and your dentist can walk you through the benefits of each type of treatment as they related to your smile.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Joyce Ma, Prime Dental Care


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