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4 Simple Diet Changes For a Healthier Smile

A new year means a new start and that’s worth smiling about! Speaking of smiling, here are some great ways you can make your diet a lot more smile-friendly on your teeth:

  1. Choose Whole Grains

The processed, sweet, cheap, refined, and enriched grains are, admittedly, easy to choose.

By switching to whole grains, you benefit it with:

More nutrients

Less sugar exposure

Higher fiber content that naturally nabs up some plaque

  1. Snack On Cheese

Cheese stimulates your saliva glands, which is a good thing for your mouth. It’s also high in calcium to reinforce bone and enamel. It may even help fight off cavity-causing bacteria and reduce the need for dental fillings or crowns.

Enjoy cheese in salads, on whole grain crackers, or on its own alongside fresh fruit.

  1. Pick The Healthier “Crunch”

Along the lines of incorporating more whole grain items into your diet, crunchy whole foods (not potato chips!) are a great way to keep your teeth clean. These foods also make for very satisfying and guilt-free snacks:







  1. Set A Time Limit On Snacking

Maybe you congratulate yourself on choosing a bowl of healthy trail mix to munch on during a movie. That’s a great decision! But you still need to watch how long you’re snacking.

Foods like nuts and dried fruits can still get stuck in your teeth and trigger acid attacks that weaken enamel. The longer you snack, the longer your teeth are exposed to acids and sugars.

Try to finish off your snacks within several minutes rather than slowly enjoying them for an hour or more. Talk with your dentist about other ways you can improve your oral health through diet.

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3 Ways to Prevent a Dental Emergency

Your teeth are strong. In fact, they are made from the most durable substance in your entire body! However, this doesn’t mean that your teeth can’t suffer damage. An unexpected tooth fracture is one of the most common types of dental emergencies. Fortunately, there are ways to restore your tooth from damage, whether it was cracked, chipped or broken. But if you’d like to try and avoid the dental emergency visit altogether, follow these preventive tips for your family:

#1 Wear A Mouthguard
One of the most prevalent places for mouth-related injuries to occur is on the playing field. If your child is involved in sports, consider a custom fit mouthguard for valued protection. A mouthguard can protect the teeth, gums, lips and cheek from injury or laceration. Recent studies have even concluded that a mouthguard lowers concussion risk in youth sports.

#2 Be Smart With Your Teeth
Your teeth are designed to help you chew and digest food. They are not tools for opening bottles or clipping nails. Bad dental habits on a daily basis can cause your tooth structure to weaken and eventually fracture. If you like to chomp ice, bite your nails or rip open packages with your teeth, you’re more likely to find yourself calling for an emergency dental appointment.

#3 Practice Good Oral Hygiene
One of the best ways to ensure your teeth are strong and healthy is to keep them clean. Brushing and flossing on a daily basis keeps cavities at bay. When decay develops on your teeth, the tooth is weakened and more vulnerable to cracking or chipping. Severe decay can also lead to excruciating tooth pain that keeps you from your daily tasks.

While the above guidelines can lower your chances for encountering a dental emergency, there is no way to prevent it completely. If you are suffering from a dental emergency, don’t ignore it. Neglecting to treat a damaged, injured or infected tooth can lead to worsening pain and more costly treatment.

Farhan Qureshi, DDS is proud to offer a full menu of emergency dentistry services in a state-of-the-art dental practice in Arlington. Dr. Qureshi can restore your smile with attention to health, function and aesthetics.

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