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Are Silver Fillings Safe?

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You may have heard stories about dental fillings being dangerous to you or your children, and wondered if you have a filling if you are at an increased risk for developing other diseases or injuries.  Unfortunately, there are many rumors that abound about fillings and filling material used to treat cavities, and many of these are simply not true.  This article will discuss silver fillings (commonly known as metal fillings or dental amalgram) and the safety of these types of fillings.

Dental amalgram fillings are silver in color, and are made by combining small amounts of many different types of metal.  One of the types of metal used in the dental fillings is mercury in a very small amount, and it is the mercury that has caused the controversy and concern through the years.

Mercury, when ingested alone, is dangerous to humans.  However, the mercury used in amalgram fillings containts other trace metals, including silver, tin and copper.  When elemental mercury is combined with other trace metals it is no longer dangerous to individuals.

Amalgram fillings have been extensively researched and continue to be used by dentist because of their strength, cost, and ease of use.  If you have an amalgram filling, you should know that there is no risk posed to you in this process.  Many organizations have researched this and determined that amalgram fillings are biocompatible.

If you have concerns about your dental fillings, talk to your dentist about this.  Until you can see your dentist, rest assured that the fillings in your mouth are not likely to hurt you, and are safe for use.  They do not need to be replaced or removed, and you will not suffer any ill consequences from them.

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