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A More Attractive Smile In Only Six Months

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If you have always wanted to have those crooked front teeth straightened but were put off by the thought of years of unsightly metal braces, you will be happy to know that there is an option that can give you straight teen and a more attractive smile in only six months.  Many orthodontists and dentists now offer the Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces system that gets great results in only six months.

This system uses standard orthodontic techniques but focuses on moving only the teeth that show when you smile.  Since it is not designed to correct major bite issues, it can get the job done quickly in a matter of months instead of the years it takes with traditional braces or invisible aligners.

The system was designed for adults and uses tooth colored wires and bands that blend in with your natural tooth color.  The braces are barely noticeable  –  you don’t have to endure six months of the “metal mouth” look.  Most people will not even know that have braces.

The technique uses light pressure to move teeth comfortably and to minimize the discomfort that is common with traditional braces.   It is much less expensive than traditional braces, veneers or clear aligners.  Unlike veneers, the procedure does not cause any damage to your teeth.  With the Six Month Smiles system, you can have straight teeth and a more attractive smile in just six months.

If you want straighter teeth so you can smile with confidence without enduring years of orthodontics or invasive placement of veneers, talk to your dentist about the Six Month Smiles system.

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