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A Beautiful Smile – It’s About More Than White Teeth!

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Have you thought about getting a smile makeover?

You may be interested in having that special celebrity smile. But to achieve that, you need to pay attention to more than just getting white teeth.

Ingredients to a Beautiful Smile

In addition to white teeth, the perfect smile also takes into consideration things like:

  • Gum color and contour
  • Tooth shape and alignment
  • Fresh-smelling breath
  • Cleanliness

If one of those things is off, then it can invalidate even the whitest of teeth.

Reach Your Smile Goals

Having an aesthetically-pleasing smile is a matter of paying equal attention to all areas of your mouth.

For example, you may need gum therapy to treat periodontal disease before you can get evenly shaped tissues. Fresh breath could require treating some large cavities. And there’s no way you’re getting white teeth if they’re coated in plaque and tartar!

To achieve your cosmetic dental goals, you first need to take care of the health issues. This process includes addressing some things you might not think are that big of a deal, sooner rather than later.

A beautiful and sweet-smelling smile depends on taking care of a few basics:

  • Flossing and brushing daily
  • Drinking more water than sweetened drinks
  • Having regular dental cleanings to remove buildup
  • Reducing your cavity risk

Before you can plan on the extras like teeth whitening, you need to make sure you’re laying a solid, healthy foundation. It’s not fun to whiten teeth only to have a couple pulled within a year. Look after your oral health first, and then you’ll be on your way to a more attractive smile.

Ask a cosmetic dentist near you what you can do to get ready for a smile makeover.

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Should You Get a Smile Makeover?

It’s no longer for the rich and famous – a smile makeover is readily accessible by virtually anyone. Whether your goal is to create that dream smile or simply to make a small change, a little cosmetic enhancement could make an unbelievable difference in your life.

Benefits Of A Smile Makeover

Adding just that little something extra can boost your confidence immensely. Closing up a gap between your teeth can give you a much more mature smile. Conversely, you can take ages off your overall look with professional teeth whitening.

Whether you start small with dental bonding or go all the way with a dental implant, others will definitely notice. As a result, you’ll make great first impressions. Additionally, enhancing your smile can motivate you to take better care of it.

Smile Makeover Precautions and Disclaimers

While almost everyone can benefit from some cosmetic treatment, not all cosmetic procedures are right for everyone.

To qualify for most cosmetic dentistry, you need to:

  • Have a fully-developed smile (be a teenager or older)
  • Have stable oral health
  • Be able to keep your teeth and restorations clean through proper hygiene

Your dentist may recommend treatment to correct other problems before going ahead with cosmetic treatment.

On the other hand, your makeover may involve procedures intended to both fix functional problems as well as esthetic concerns. Something like braces would improve your bite at the same time as make your teeth look nicer.

When it comes to customizing your very own smile makeover, there’s no end to the combination possibilities! To find out if now is the right time for you to makeover your teeth, plan a visit with your local dentist.

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4 Ways to Reshape Your Smile

Are you unhappy with the shape of your smile?

Perhaps you have some teeth that you feel are:

  • Too big
  • Uneven
  • Rough
  • Gapped

There’s nothing like a balanced smile to show others you take your oral health and beauty seriously! You’ve got several options for achieving that goal.

  1. Bonding Or Veneers

You can close up gaps and smooth out chips with the help of porcelain dental veneers. These slim porcelain veneers neatly mask imperfections in your tooth and give a uniform appearance across multiple teeth.

Not ready to commit to veneers?

That’s okay – dental bonding is next on the list. Your dentist can bond just a small bit of material to your tooth to make a big difference. While bonding isn’t as complete as a veneer, it’s a conservative first step towards a gorgeous smile.

  1. Enamel Shaping

Did you know that it’s actually possible to shape your teeth themselves?

As long as your teeth are healthy enough to spare a little enamel, they can be polished to look more in line.

  1. Orthodontic Treatment

You can never be too old to benefit from wearing braces. Having just one tooth out of line could be enough to skew your whole smile. Correct that problem and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

  1. Gum Recontouring

Your teeth may not even be the problem. Uneven gum growth and recession can create an uneven smile. Dentists have techniques for gently removing and reshaping tissue around your teeth to discover a brighter smile.

Say “goodbye” to your old smile and welcome a new start! Ask your dentist which cosmetic dental treatments can make a difference in your life.

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Should I Get a Smile Makeover?

Botox needs to be redone, hair grows out, and makeup needs to be reapplied.

Most makeovers don’t last.

But once you score that even, confident, sparkling smile, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to hold onto. You could probably enjoy those benefits for the rest of your life.

A better question is: Why shouldn’t you get a smile makeover?

Smile Makeover: What’s Involved?

Your smile makeover is a highly personalized project that combines elements of surgical, orthodontic, and restorative dental techniques. None of it is necessary, per se. You just pick and choose which changes you’d like to see happen and your dentist explains which methods will get you there.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed while planning your makeover. Where do you begin? How do you get more specific than “bright and even teeth?” Your dentist will help you here too with the planning.

Factors like your natural tooth size and shape, bite discrepancy, and even gum color can affect the choices you make. A cosmetic dentist can help you make smart decisions.

Smile Makeover: Can You Afford It?

Most cosmetic dental procedures are not covered by insurance, unfortunately. But your dental office likely has some great financing plans to help you comfortably cover the costs. Start out small, if needed. A little dental bonding could be just right for you, for now. You can go for a more lasting option later on, when you’re ready.

Imagine the priceless benefits to your self-confidence that a smile makeover can give you. Then think about whether you can afford to miss out.

Contact your dentist to set up a smile consultation.

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Braces or Implants – Which Come First?

Posted in Dental Implants

Between whitening and crowns, braces and implants, creating the smile of your dreams might seem more complicated than you imagined.

It’s not impossible, however! When it comes to closing up gaps in your smile, braces and implant therapy are important. But which should come first?

What Implants Are For

Dental implants act similarly to a natural tooth root. This metal screw fuses tightly with the bone and provides a strong anchor for a crown, bridge, or denture. Implants can take several months to heal.

How Braces Work

Braces are metal brackets and a wire which runs all around the arch of your mouth. As the wire is gradually tightened, your teeth will slowly move through the bone into proper position.

This is a very natural process and your bone heals up just fine after natural teeth move. But as dental implants are fixed, moving them could cause permanent damage to the bone.

Do You Need Braces Or Implants First?

You have to factor in the unique needs of your smile. At this point, it’s usually not a good idea to put brackets on an implant restoration.

But there are a couple exceptions!

Example #1: To encourage proper tooth movement in a complicated case, some orthodontists will use implants as an anchor to guide the rest of the teeth.

Example #2: Orthodontic treatment may only be necessary on front teeth. In this case, an implant in the back of your mouth shouldn’t be bothered by the action going on out front.

Whatever your situation, you’ll need the opinions of your dentist and even an orthodontist, moving forward. Call your local dental office today for a personalized smile evaluation.

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A Smile Makeover – Easier Than You Think!

There’s something thrilling and satisfying about turning an old building or plain room into a bright and modern living space.

Some people love to do makeovers on their bodies. Whether it’s a radical weight change over a matter of months or a new hairstyle overnight, makeovers are fun!

How about a makeover for your teeth? That may not seem worth the effort since teeth are so small and you can hide them behind your lips. But a smile makeover is probably the best makeover you could choose for personal improvement.

As Much or As Little As You Want

Cosmetic dental treatment doesn’t have to be over-the-top in looks or cost. You can choose to have as much changed as you’re comfortable with. The beauty of cosmetic dentistry is that you get to pick what you want your smile to look like.

Here are a few examples:

For an instant result: dental veneers and/or professional teeth whitening are both “wow” procedures that are usually completed in a single visit (after consultation).

To keep it conservative: straighten a couple teeth with clear, removable aligners or have your enamel gently polished and reshaped. Your teeth themselves aren’t affected with these treatments.

If economy is a concern: start out with at-home whitening treatments and a little dental bonding and go from there.

To go all the way with a smile revolution: consider gum reshaping, crowns, and full braces in addition to simple whitening.

There’s a little something for everyone. So have fun designing your new smile! It’s easier than you think to plan a smile makeover. Contact your dentist to get started.

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Gum Reshaping – Is It For You?

There might be something about your smile that you just can’t quite put a finger on.Tooth color? Not a concern. Tooth shape? Happy with it so far. Missing teeth? None so far! Have you ever thought about how your smile would be different if you could change the shape of your gums?

Yes, gum reshaping, or contouring, is a real thing! And it could be just the boost your smile needs.

What’s Wrong with Your Gums?

If you have complaint such as:

  • Teeth that look too big or small
  • Exposed roots
  • Excessively puffy gums
  • An uneven smile line

…then gum reshaping could change that. Gum contouring is largely a cosmetic procedure that improves the look of your smile.

How It’s Done

The actual gum surgery doesn’t usually take much time, at all. Your dentist will carefully plan in advance just how much gum tissue will be removed or adjusted. The procedure may be done with scalpels or lasers. This depends upon the practice and the nature of your treatment. Ask your dentist about what you can expect.

Gum Contouring and Your Smile Makeover

Talk with your dentist about how you can make gum reshaping a part of your next cosmetic dental treatment plan. Gum contouring is often paired with a procedure such as dental bonding or veneers to create a complete and dramatic new look.

Whether you suffer from genetic gum recession or excess gum tissue as a side effect of medication, it’s possible to correct the problem. Take the attention away from your gums and onto your balanced and radiant smile. Ask your dentist today about gum reshaping!

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How Can I Change the Shape of My Teeth?

It’s very common for folks to be dissatisfied with the shape of their natural teeth. Is this something that bothers you, as well?

The good news is that you do have options for changing the shape of your teeth! There’s no need to hide behind your hand when you smile. With a little cosmetic help, your smile could experience a total transformation.

Dental Veneers: The First Choice

Dental veneers are thin “shells” placed over the front of top front teeth. These “false fronts” can make your smile look brand new! Veneers are customized to give your teeth whatever shape and color you desire.

A Little Bonding Goes a Long Way

Dental bonding is a fast and economical way to adjust teeth. It doesn’t even require the use of anesthetic. In one quick appointment, your dentist will use a restoration material to reshape one or more teeth. Bonding is ideal for front teeth that have a small chip or fracture.

Dental Crowns for Strength and Beauty

If your tooth is shaped or damaged in a way that compromises its strength, then a dental crown is probably the way to go. Crowns replace the entire outer layer of your tooth. Doing this gives your teeth maximum strength and protection.

Crowns can be customized to match the shape and color of your other teeth.

Is Spacing the Problem?

Do your teeth just look small because they are widely spaced?

Cosmetic orthodontia could be your solution. Closing up a few gaps will bring your teeth into an even line, giving you a smile to be proud of!

The best way to find out which smile-enhancing method is right for you is to visit your dentist. A better smile is only one consultation away!

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Full-Mouth Reconstruction and a Smile Makeover: Know the Difference!

Did you know that these are two separate terms? They might sound like they’re the same thing. But these treatment plans have different goals and elements. How so?

Determining the Need

Your need depends largely on the health and function of your mouth.

Basically, if your mouth is healthy and functioning well, a smile makeover will have a cosmetic impact on improving the aesthetics, alone. But if trauma or disease has compromised the way you smile, eat, breathe, and/or talk, then reconstruction is necessary.

If you’ve experienced:

  • Oral cancer
  • Missing teeth
  • Advanced gum disease
  • An accident
  • Extensive tooth decay

…or any combination of such things, then you need more than superficial cosmetic help. So what’s involved?

Included in A Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Restoring your entire mouth means addressing all issues that compromise your oral health. You will likely visit a few specialists who will take care of different areas of concern. The first priority is to stop existing disease from advancing. You may need tooth extraction or gum/oral surgery.

The next step is to restore function by replacing materials that were lost to injury or disease. Implants, grafting, and dental prostheses may be included in this process. Once you can smile and eat comfortably with your new mouth, you can then look into the smile makeover stage!

Have Fun with a Smile Makeover!

A smile makeover means boosting the appearance of your smile with cosmetic procedures like:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Cosmetic orthodontia

These are services that can make you feel better about your smile. However, they’re not essential to having a healthy mouth.

Find out which restorative and cosmetic procedures are right for you by having an examination at your local dental office.

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What Dental Procedures are Considered Cosmetic?

The purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of your smile. In some cases, your teeth can be restored for better tooth function along with a smile makeover. It takes years of practice and study for dentists to be able to perform cosmetic dental treatment. What are some examples of cosmetic procedures?

Cosmetic Dental Treatments include:

Veneers- These tooth-colored, hard, thin shells are made to cover the front teeth. They help to improve the shape and appearance of your teeth.

Bonding- A tooth-colored material that attaches to teeth to help improve the tooth’s appearance and shape, especially on chipped teeth.

Teeth Whitening- Brightening your teeth with gel in trays at home over a period of a couple weeks or a whitening procedure at your dental office in one day.

White Fillings – The fillings today are almost unnoticeable because they match your teeth so well. They help to strengthen your teeth too!

Gum Reshaping / Gingival Recontouring – This minor surgery or laser procedure helps to trim and re-shape your gumline to improve the appearance of your smile.

Tooth Recontouring – A laser or a drill is used by the dentist to reshape or smooth out rough edges of your tooth, giving it a natural form.

Clear Tooth Alignment – Clear orthodontic aligners are used to straighten teeth instead of the traditional metal braces.

Porcelain Crowns- Teeth that are cracked or broken off at the top area, can be restored with these tooth-colored crowns.

Would you like to improve your smile?

Call your cosmetic dentist! They will be able to provide you with a consultation to explore your options.  The idea of bright and attractive teeth will surely make you smile!

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