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4 Ways to Fix a Discolored Tooth

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Do you have a front tooth that’s stained so badly that you’re embarrassed to show it off?

You’re far from alone. Many people just like you have been able make such teeth look perfectly normal again, with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

Here are four procedures that can help your stained tooth to look better, as well.

  1. Professional Teeth Bleaching

The most conservative treatment option and the first one you should consider is teeth bleaching. Professional teeth whitening can remove years of heavy stain buildup from deep within a tooth. A cosmetic dentist can let you know whether or not your tooth is likely to respond to professional whitening.

If not, your tooth will likely benefit from one of the other treatments.

  1. Dental Veneer

A veneer is an ultra-slim porcelain cover that slips over the front of your tooth. It can completely obscure the underlying stain and create a perfectly white and smooth facade. Veneers are perfect for teeth that don’t get any lighter with teeth bleaching therapy.

  1. Dental Onlay

Onlays are dental fillings that are molded outside the mouth and then cemented into the prepared tooth in one solid piece like dental crowns. An onlay is more conservative than a crown since it covers less area but is just as strong. It’s perfect for replacing stained portions of your tooth that are weak.

  1. Dental Crown 

A crown will cover your whole tooth and mask all stains. As an added plus, your dental insurance may even pick up the cost for this procedure since it also serves a restorative function.

Ask a cosmetic dentist near you which treatment is best for hiding your stained tooth.

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