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Will I Need to Have Teeth Removed to Get Braces?

A lot of folks are afraid that being told they need braces means having teeth extracted. It’s true that some people need to have teeth removed, but this isn’t true in every case. It’s actually becoming far less common.

In fact, having extractions can cause the treatment process to drag out just a little longer. For this reason, orthodontists aren’t quick to recommend having teeth removed. If it is advised, that’s because it’s essential to the success of your treatment and creating room for other teeth.

Most Common Reasons to Remove Teeth Before Braces

Here are a few reasons why an extraction may be necessary:

  • Wisdom teeth, if present, which usually wind up impacted
  • Extra teeth/retained baby teeth
  • Tooth crowding
  • Jaw alignment issues (alternative to surgery)

It’s very possible for your mouth to be too small for all those teeth. In some cases, the arch of your mouth can be adjusted with expanders and other devices. But if your mouth is limited for how far it can be expanded, then the only logical option is to limit how many teeth are vying for a spot!

Braces move teeth through bone. But too many teeth in a small area aren’t going anywhere. Removing a couple teeth (usually premolars/bicuspids) could free up a lot of necessary space in your mouth.

Braces Are Worth It!

Braces, whether for cosmetic or health reasons, are a worthwhile investment. If you’re going to commit to treatment, you need to go all the way and follow the professional advice. This will ensure that you get the best results.

Ask your dentist for recommendations and a full explanation of the suggested treatment.

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