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Will a Metal Crown Set Off an Airport Metal Detector?

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Getting through strict airport security can be a stressful event.

Everyone wants to make it calmly and quickly onto their plane. So if you accidentally set off a metal detector, you may feel a bit embarrassed, confused, and frustrated.

Dental restorations often include some sort of metal since many metals are strong, easy to shape, and accepted by our bodies.

One common dental concern people have when they get a new metal crown is: will my crown set off an airport metal detector?

What’s In a Metal Crown?

Metal crowns are often made from a mix of metals containing gold, which is not magnetic. In fact, most metals used in dental restorations are not magnetic.

Traditionally, metal detectors in airports scan for a magnetic response. So you’re more likely to set if off if you forget you’re wearing a metallic headband or belt buckle rather than because of having a dental crown!

However, most of today’s airports use body image scanners that are better at ignoring a small and non-threatening amount of metal, such as in a dental crown inside of your mouth.

Whether you have braces, a denture with metal clasps, fillings, an implant, or a metal crown, you should be perfectly fine going through airport security!

Why Switch to a White Dental Crown?

Metal crowns may be durable. But more patients are leaning towards getting tooth-colored restorations, anyway, for a couple reasons:

  • X-rays of all ceramic or porcelain crowns can show more of what’s going on around a tooth. Metal crowns aren’t see-through on x-rays so they can hide problems for a long time.
  • White crowns look better

Thinking of updating your metal crown? Talk with your local dentist to learn more.

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Metal Free Crowns – No More Dark Lines!

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Folks used to hate the very idea of a dental crown because they didn’t want another unsightly gray-lined tooth in their mouth. Is that how you feel about crowns? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that more and more people these days are benefiting from the merits of a quality crown without an ugly dark line. How?

The Era of Metal Free Crowns

Crowns can now be fashioned entirely out of porcelain, ceramic, resin, or a combination of specialized materials. These materials lend strength to the tooth as well as a natural look and feel. Some people are allergic to certain metals, and a metal free crown eliminates the risk for an allergic reaction. Because these materials are fashioned to mimic the texture of a natural tooth, you may not even be able to distinguish the crown from your other teeth. Full white crowns don’t require a metal core to stay on the tooth.

How a Modern Crown Will Benefit You

A metal free crown is ideal for a front tooth where you definitely don’t want a sneaky dark line showing up when you smile! Your gums may be prone to recession, and when they recede, the margin of the crown is exposed. If the crown has metal in it, that little margin is what makes the gray line. If your crown is metal free, then you won’t need to worry about the margin eventually being exposed.

A metal free crown means that you can keep your tooth safe and strong without sacrificing a beautiful smile. You don’t need to dread the term “dental crown!” Ask your dentist about which kind of crown is best for you.

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Porcelain Crowns Build Strong Smiles and Improve Aesthetics

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Dental crowns are an excellent way to save your tooth’s function while also enhancing its appearance. The durability and aesthetics of porcelain materials allow crowns to be used throughout the mouth for long-term restorative purposes that preserve the integrity and function of the tooth.

Metal Free Margins

Have you ever seen someone with a tooth-colored crown that had a grey line along the crown near the gums? This metal base can be a significant aesthetic concern. Full porcelain crowns are completely metal free, with no risk of a dark metal line around the edge of the restoration. 

A Tooth That Looks Natural

The color of the porcelain crown is carefully matched to resemble the color of the nearby teeth. With so many shades of porcelain available, custom color matching will prevent the crown from standing out from the rest of your teeth. 

Compliment Your Smile

If you’re unhappy with the way your smile looks, porcelain crowns can enhance its appearance. Combining your crown treatments with other types of cosmetic dental procedures can give you an overall smile change that impacts your entire mouth at once. Matching restorations like bonding, white fillings or veneers can be completed at the same time as your crown for the best results. Just remember, if you want to whiten your smile, do that first!

Do you need a crown? Teeth that have been treated with a root canal, have significant fractures or need large fillings replaced typically require a full coverage crown. Ask your dentist about whether or not a full porcelain crown is the right option for your smile.

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Could You be Allergic to Your Crown?

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Have you ever heard of someone being allergic to his or her dental treatment? Specifically their dental crown? Believe it or not – it’s possible. Many types of crowns implement the use of metals (such as a porcelain fused to metal crown) that could cause irritation and sensitivity in people with allergies to particular metals.

How Do I Know if I Have a Metal Allergy?

Most people with metal allergies already know that they do. These are people who experience tissue irritation, swelling, or redness when they wear jewelry made of non-precious metals. For instance, costume jewelry like earrings or bracelets may cause their skin to itch and become red. These are the same types of people that may need to avoid the use of metal crowns when having their teeth treated.

What are Symptoms of Oral Allergies?

If you currently have a metal base crown that is causing an allergic response, your tooth will experience symptoms similar to gingivitis. Only you will know it is not gingivitis if you have excellent oral hygiene, floss around the crown daily, and brush along the gumlines. The gum tissue around that specific tooth will remain inflamed and red, regardless of your oral health status.

What Other Options Are Available?

Your dentist may suggest the use of a full porcelain crown (metal free), or a cast gold crown (for teeth in the back of the mouth.) It’s important to let your dentist know if you have metal allergies so that this can be taken into consideration when formulating your treatment plan.

Full porcelain crowns are a functional and beautiful way to enhance the health of your smile. Contact your dentist today to find out about the types of crowns available for your oral health needs.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Byron Scott, Springhill Dental Health Center


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