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Can’t You Just Fill It? Why Do I Need a Crown?

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With dental crowns costing more in terms of time and money, no one is ever thrilled to get a cap in lieu of a filling.

But why is your dentist pushing the crown over a filling?

It’s not the money-making scheme it may look like. There are legitimate reasons your tooth would do better with a crown than with a regular filling.

Crowns Vs. Fillings: Structural Differences

A crown isn’t a fancier version of a filling. A crown is to a filling what a skin graft is to a Band-Aid. Fillings merely patch up holes in a tooth. But when the damage goes beyond what a filling can repair, you’ll need a cap to preserve the structural integrity of your tooth.

Fillings are commonly made from a composite material that’s molded into a tooth. A crown is a restoration carved outside the mouth from a solid piece of material.

What Happened To Your Tooth?

The next logical point to consider is this: what does your tooth really need?

From your perspective, it might not look like there’s much going on with your tooth. But an x-ray could tell a very different story.

Dental imaging helps your dentist see beyond the surface to potential complications with bone, nerves, and blood vessels. An examination may reveal that your tooth is on the verge of developing an abscess or severe fracture and a crown could be just the ticket to buy you another five or ten years before needing a root canal.

So don’t wait too much longer! Get back to your dentist to find out more about the condition your tooth is in and what your best restorative options are.

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