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The Quickest and Easiest Way to Even Teeth

Uneven teeth can dramatically impact the appearance of even the healthiest, best looking smiles. Thankfully there are some simple and effective ways to change all of that. In just a few short appointments you can transform uneven teeth into a straighter looking smile that you feel confident in.

Tooth Recontouring and Bonding

Are your teeth themselves actually uneven? Some of us may have teeth that are shorter than others, worn edges or even chipped enamel. Tooth recontouring typically uses methods to smooth out uneven surfaces, or add bonding to areas that require more. Bonding can make a tooth look longer or wider, simply by adding additional surface area to healthy teeth. It’s almost like adding enamel to your teeth to make them appear properly sized. 

Gingival Recontouring

Gum recontouring is a process that involves altering the natural gumline across the teeth. If too much gum tissue is present, the tooth may be covered up more than it ought to. This makes the tooth look shorter or wider than it really is. Adjusting the gumlines will expose the perfect amount of tooth surface, making the teeth look even with others adjacent to it. Recontouring can be done surgically or with a laser.

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, chances are your dentist has more than one way to help you change that. Talk to your dentist about your cosmetic and aesthetic concerns to find a treatment or therapy that is perfect for your individual needs. You won’t regret it! Both of these choices are a simple and economically friendly way to impact your overall smile appearance.

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Bonding vs. Tooth Recontouring: Which is Right for Me?

So you’ve decided to finally do something about your smile. You know, the two or three teeth that look a little “off” and take away from your smile’s overall appearance. You’ve heard about other cosmetic treatments but have decided that tooth recontouring or bonding is probably your best choice – but which one is right for you?


Bonding is perfect when you need to add to a tooth’s surface. That is, if there is a small chip or gap, or even a tooth that appears slightly shorter than the others. Tooth colored composite is then applied to the conditioned tooth and shaped in a way that it creates what looks like new tooth structure so that the tooth appears fuller and larger. Composite comes in many different shades and is perfectly matched to the natural enamel for the most dramatic results. 


Recontouring involves gentle reshaping of the natural tooth surfaces, so they appear even and smooth. You may notice that some teeth appear bumpy along the edges, are slightly uneven or some teeth look longer than the rest. By recontouring them, you can remove a small amount of tooth surface without causing tooth sensitivity or damage to the tooth itself. This creates a more even appearance from one side of the smile to the other. Soft tissue recontouring can also impact the appearance of your teeth, by adjusting the gumlines to make teeth look fuller and even.

Bonding and recontouring can also be used together, with one tooth addressed at a time. Your dentist can help you decide what the overall effect is that you want, and give you dramatic results in just one appointment.

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Tooth Recontouring and Bonding

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You have a healthy smile, healthy gums, but you still aren’t happy with how your teeth look. Maybe they’re uneven or have minor irregularities that make you feel self-conscious about their appearance. Thankfully, there’s something you can do to fix all of that without costly or time-consuming treatments that aren’t even in your budget. How? With minimally invasive, comfortable tooth recontouring and bonding.

Recontouring Reshapes Minor Irregularities

The recontouring process is used to smooth areas that are rough, uneven, or jagged. It can be used to help create a more uniform appearance from one side of your smile to the other; allowing teeth to look even and appropriately sized when compared side-by-side. Recontouring is often paired with other procedures like bonding or gingival recontouring for the best overall effect. However, it can also be used on just one or two teeth that may be of a concern.   

Bonding Fills in Broken, Chipped, or Gapped Areas

Tooth colored bonding is an excellent way to repair, rebuild, and reshape teeth with composite material. Composite bonding fuses directly to your tooth enamel, allowing the area of concern to be “rebuilt” so that the tooth appears whole once again. Bonding is an excellent choice for chipped teeth or to fill in spaces so that the tooth looks fuller. It can be combined with other types of treatments such as whitening, recontouring, crowns or veneers. 

Why wait another day when correcting your smile is something that can easily be done in just one visit? Talk to your dentist about scheduling a consult to find out how to have a smile that changes the way you feel every day.

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Benefits of Tooth Recontouring and Bonding

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If you thought changing your smile meant you had to have braces, veneers, or crowns – think again. Tooth recontouring and bonding are both extremely simple procedures that can transform the way you smile and improve the way you feel about yourself.

Bonding uses tooth colored filling material to re-shape and re-form irregularly shaped areas of the teeth. These include chipped edges, narrow or short teeth, and even gaps between the teeth. Once the material is applied to the tooth and formed into place, it creates the appearance of a full tooth. It can also be used to cover exposed roots in areas of mild to moderate gum recession.

Recontouring is the gentle adjustment of the shapes and edges of the teeth. Perhaps you have healthy, straight teeth but the edges are uneven. When your dentist recontours the teeth, the edges are smoothed so that they are in line with the other teeth. Gum tissue can also be recontoured in a similar manner by adjusting the gumlines so that teeth are larger and the gumlines are even.

Minimal bonding and recontouring treatments produce dramatic results that can completely change the way you look. Many people opt to whiten their teeth prior to their treatment, so that the bonding can be matched to a whiter smile.

If you have generally healthy teeth but aren’t happy with their appearance, ask your dentist about recontouring and bonding. Just a short examination is all that is needed to determine if they are an option for you. The entire treatment can be completed in just one appointment! Ask your dentist for a customized care plan today.

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Tooth Recontouring

Do irregular edges or chips in your teeth bother you? Do you wish that all of your teeth lined up perfectly along the biting edges, making them appear straighter and more uniform in size? If so, then tooth recontouring is an easy cosmetic dentistry procedure that can make teeth look and feel better after just one visit.

Tooth recontouring typically involves using a tooth colored filling material to recreate the shapes, sizes, and edges of the front teeth. The material is color matched so that the final treatment blends in perfectly with the entire tooth, giving it a natural appearance. After the material is placed onto the tooth and shaped into the desired form, a curing light is applied so that the material sets and permanently bonds with the natural tooth enamel underneath. Choosing recontouring is one of the most minimally invasive cosmetic treatments that is available. Dentists often use these procedures to correct:

  • Small chips in the teeth
  • Irregular tooth length
  • Abnormally shaped teeth
  • Uneven teeth

Recontouring can be performed on just one tooth, or across your entire smile. It’s an effective cosmetic treatment that many people use alone or in conjunction with other treatments like whitening, gingival recontouring, and tooth colored fillings. The entire treatment can be completed in just one appointment and the results are instant, and will last for several years. It’s a great minimally invasive approach to an entire smile makeover.

What do you want to change most about your smile? What aspects of your tooth appearance would you like to alter? If you’ve been considering your options, then be sure to ask your dentist about recontouring at your next visit.

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