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The Most Cost Effective Way to Whiten Your Smile

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If you’ve wanted a whiter smile, you’ve probably priced your different options. There are over the counter products, in-office treatments, and professional home kits. Many people instinctively go for the over the counter treatments because they believe they will get more bang for their buck when it comes to whitening their smile, but that’s not necessarily true.

Over the counter whitening products use lower grade whitening solutions that cannot act as effectively against deep-set stain. Results also take longer to achieve, especially since the kits use strips or generic trays that do not always keep solution completely against your teeth. Uneven whitening or even tissue burns are normal. Add to that, once you need to touch up your whitening 6 months later, you’re purchasing an entirely new kit. By the time you’ve whitened and touched up once or twice, you’ve paid for a professional strength whitening treatment.

If you have a week or two, a professional strength home kit can be one of the smartest investments that you make toward a whiter smile. Your whitening trays are made to last an entire lifetime. During your initial whitening treatment, you’ll see faster results from the high grade whitening gel. The custom fitted trays keep the gel where you need it, giving you dramatic results and allowing you to use less whitening product. That means you’ll only need a refill tube of whitening gel once a year or so, for less than half the price of an over the counter whitening kit.

Make the smart choice and get bigger results – ask your dentist about having your home whitening kit made today!

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