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Recovering From Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It might have sounded like a scary experience when you first learned you would need to have your wisdom teeth extracted! But now it’s all over. It wasn’t as bad as you thought. Now, however, you’re concerned with making your recovery as comfortable and brief as you can.

Immediately After the Procedure

Your mouth will still be numb, so be very careful when talking that you don’t accidentally bite your cheek or tongue. Those spots will hurt once the numbing drugs wear off! Keep biting down on gauze pads with gentle pressure and change them out as they become saturated. The bleeding should taper off throughout the rest of the day. Avoid lying down. Sitting upright or reclining slightly will keep your head above your chest and should help reduce bleeding. Keep applying ice to your cheeks to help bring down inflammation and reduce bleeding.

Over the Next Few Days

Get lots of rest! Too much physical activity can raise blood pressure and disrupt the clotting process so vital to your mouth’s healing. Rinse as often as needed with warm salt water to bring down pain and swelling. At this point, it is ok to use moist heat on your cheeks to relieve discomfort. Avoid smoking or using a straw because the suction of those activities can also disturb the clots. Stick to soft foods that don’t require any chewing. Maintain a routine of brushing and flossing your other teeth, but take care to not bother the surgical sites with your finger, tongue, or toothbrush.

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