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Should I Sleep Through My Extraction?

If the thought of having a tooth pulled makes you feel uneasy, you might consider sedation dentistry. Depending on the type of extraction that you need, sleeping through your procedure could help it go more smoothly and comfortably.

Not every type of tooth extraction is the same. For instance, some extractions are simple, while others are surgical. The size, shape, location and health of your tooth will impact how easily the tooth can be removed. For some people, a very simple extraction need only be done with local anesthesia.

More tedious extractions can take a bit longer. Even though the area is still completely numbed with local anesthesia, some people would prefer to not know what is going on. In this case, sleeping through the extraction may be the best option. Choosing sleep dentistry is a common method used in more complex extractions such as wisdom tooth removal.

Which type of sedation is best? Not all dentists offer sedation, or all types of sedation. You may want to discuss the pros and cons of options like oral sedation vs. IV sedation. In most cases, oral sedation is one of the simplest ways to sleep through the extraction. You simply take a prescription sedative prior to the procedure, and feel as if you’re napping throughout the entire thing. The medication wears off after a few hours, giving you enough time to make yourself comfortable at home before the medication wears off.

When in doubt, it’s best to ask your dentist which type of sedation he or she would recommend. Everyone responds differently and has different comfort levels – your sleep sedation dentist can give you input on the choice that’s right for you!

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