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4 Ways to a Whiter Smile

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Everyone loves brighter, whiter teeth – but not everyone knows the most efficient way to go about making their smile look whiter. Here are 4 of the most effective ways to transform your tooth color into a white smile that you will love to show off:

Professional Whitening

Professional whitening treatments can lighten your natural tooth enamel much more effectively than any product available over the counter. The prescription strength gel oxidizes stain particles so that they lift from the tooth surface, leaving whiter enamel in place. Plus, professional whitening is much easier to apply and maintain – giving you even results that won’t irritate your gum tissues or leave spotty areas on your teeth. 

Regular Dental Cleanings

During your cleaning, your hygienist will remove tartar buildup and plaque that causes the teeth to look more yellow than they really are. The cleaning is usually followed by a light polishing, which buffs away superficial stains that accumulate between visits. Here’s a great tip: for more effective whitening results, touch-up right after your cleaning appointment. 

Porcelain Veneers

For the most dramatic whitening results possible – porcelain veneers win, hands-down. Veneers change absolutely everything about your smile, from the shape of your teeth to their color. If you have more concerns than just tooth stain, veneers are a great choice. 

Drinking Through a Straw

If you love iced tea or soda – those drinks can cause heavy stain build up on the surface of your teeth (not to mention inside of the pores.) But, if you drink through a straw, you can limit the contact time that those liquids have with your smile – keeping your teeth whiter, longer.

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