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For many of us, coffee is an important part of our daily lives. We may even have a hard time functioning without it! And come those toasty summer days, we’re going to be reaching for an icy caffeinated drink as often as possible.

But could your coffee fix also lend itself to dental health problems?

Take a look at the following ways that coffee can affect your smile.

  1. Staining

Coffee contains dark pigments that are easily absorbed by your teeth and even some dental restorations. When your coffee is lightened with cream or some kind of milk, it can still leave a mark. Frequently exposing your teeth to coffee will cause them to quickly yellow.

  1. Bad Breath

The strong chemical compounds in coffee that give it its wondrous aroma also give your breath a unique aroma, too!

  1. Acid Erosion

Coffee is a very acidic beverage. Over time, it can contribute to the wear of your tooth enamel. When the enamel is slowly weakened by acids, it becomes more vulnerable to developing cavities. Acid erosion also makes it easier for your teeth to absorb stain.

  1. Increases Cavity Risk

It’s not so much your coffee itself that causes cavities – it’s what you put in your coffee!

Carbohydrates found in sugar and other sweeteners have an acidic influence on teeth. They also provide fuel for cavity-causing bacteria. Having a sweet coffee drink swishing past your teeth several times a day could be putting your smile at risk for decay.

Your local dental office will help you work around your love for coffee to save your smile. Schedule a visit with your dentist to learn more.

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