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Are My Teeth White Enough?

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Tooth enamel comes in all shades and colors, with undertones ranging from yellow to blue to grey. It’s completely natural to have at least a slight hue to your teeth, but when is it too much – leaving you feeling like your teeth are embarrassingly dark or stained?

The first step is to ask your dentist or hygienist – both of them see hundreds of smiles a month and can give you an honest, unbiased opinion when it comes to what is normal. They can also give you a good estimation of what type of results you would see from a whitening treatment. Ask them to show you on a shade guide what your teeth actually look like compared to other natural tooth colors. This can give you a good idea of what it looks like from someone else’s perspective and what a whitening treatment would do as far as improvement.

Have other people said anything about your smile? Children can be brutally honest, and many people come to their dentist for whitening after their son or daughter has told them that their teeth look yellow. Asking a spouse or best friend for an honest opinion that you can confide in can help you know when to take the next step.

Finally, ask yourself “am I happy with the way my teeth look?” If you notice stain buildup or discoloration from coffee or other dark liquids, chances are your teeth really have begun to darken throughout the years. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be permanent! Ask your dentist which type of whitening option is best for you to quickly and safely lift these stains for a brighter, fresher smile.

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