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Can I Whiten My Teeth When I Have Crowns or Filings?

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If you’ve decided that you want your smile to be whiter and brighter, you have probably already started researching professional whitening treatments. A professional whitening application or kit can get your teeth much brighter (and faster) than an over the counter whitening product. But, if you’ve had a history of dental work, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. One of those things being that the color of your existing dental restorations will not change or lighten in color.

Since the porcelain and composite materials used in tooth-colored crowns and fillings are permanently shaded that way, it is impossible to whiten those along with your teeth. When those restorations were placed, they were carefully matched with the color of the other tooth enamel, so that they would look as if nothing was there at all. If you whiten your smile, your tooth enamel will brighten by several shades…but the fillings and crowns will not.

Thankfully, if you’re planning on replacing your restorations, this is the perfect time! Whitening your smile can get your tooth enamel as bright as possible. Once the full results are achieved, your dentist will match the future restoration to the new color of your teeth. New fillings or crowns can be placed that match the brightness of your smile; that way your smile will be brighter from side to side, whether or not you have fillings and crowns.

Talk to your dentist about where your fillings and crowns are located, and if they affect your own whitening goals. If they do, your dentist will check their integrity to determine their life expectancy and whether or not it is near the time that they should be replaced.

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