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Eliminating White Spots on Your Teeth

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Are your teeth spotted with white areas across the tooth enamel? These areas of demineralization were once places that decay was starting to form, or even a result of trauma or illness as a child. They are frequently seen on people that have had orthodontic appliances removed, or along the gumlines, if oral hygiene isn’t up to par.

How can you remove these white spots and improve the appearance of your smile?

Calcium-Phosphate Gels

Specially blended gels that contain calcium and phosphate can be applied by your dental professional to strengthen and restore minerals in areas of weak tooth enamel. A few applications may be needed to achieve full results. 

Micro Abrasion

If the white spot only affects a very shallow area, micro-abrasion can be used to buff it out of the tooth. After this gentle abrasion process, the tooth is then prepped with protective ingredients that prevent sensitivity or susceptibility to further demineralization. 


Professional grade whitening treatments can diminish the appearance of white spots across your smile. Please note that in the beginning of your whitening treatment these areas will whiten quicker and faster, making them more noticeable. If you stick with the whitening procedure for the recommended amount of time, the rest of the tooth surfaces will “catch up” with the whitening process and help to camouflage the white spots.

To protect your teeth over the long term, especially if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, ask your dentist about getting a prescription written for fluoride. It will be stronger than what is available over the counter and help prevent demineralization before it ever starts.

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