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Fillings or Whitening – Which Comes First?

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You just had a dental check-up and your dentist told you that you needed a new filling. Either a small cavity popped up or one of your older fillings is starting to wear out. In the meantime, you’ve also been thinking about whitening your teeth. How do these two things play hand-in-hand?

Most modern dental fillings are made of cosmetic, tooth-colored composite. This allows the filling to literally blend in with the color of your tooth enamel, matching it as closely as possible. What you might not consider though, is that the composite is matched to the current shade of your teeth. If you were to whiten your teeth, the tooth-colored filling would remain the same shade.

If you’ve wanted to whiten your smile, you should discuss this before your dentist performs the filling. That way your new filling will match the new color of your teeth! Depending on the health of your teeth, your dentist may leave the area untreated or place a temporary filling in its place during your whitening treatment. Once your ideal tooth shade is achieved, your dentist can place the permanent filling so that it appears “invisible” to everyone else.

What’s the best way to get your teeth their whitest? Professional whitening treatments can be performed at your dentists’ office or by having your dentist make a set of custom trays along with dispensing professional grade whitening gel. In-office whitening takes only one appointment, and take-home whitening kits achieves full results within 10-14 days of use.

You want your smile to look its best. Ask your dentist what simple cosmetic treatments like whitening or tooth-colored fillings can brighten your teeth in no time.

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