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Getting the Most from Your Home Whitening Trays

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You just received your first customized set of whitening trays – congratulations! Or, perhaps you are just lately considering giving home whitening trays a try. Either way, you’ll benefit from a consideration of some important reminders.

How to Use the Trays Properly

Before use, make sure your tray is clean and dry. When finished whitening, brush out your trays with water and a toothbrush. Make sure the trays are thoroughly dried and stored in a safe place you won’t forget about. Have your dentist check the fit of your trays on a regular basis. If you have dental work done such as crowns, veneers, or even orthodontia, then the trays won’t fit as they used to.

The Perfect Application

Your teeth should be brushed and flossed prior to whitening for optimum effect. Less is more when it comes to placing the gel. Only a small dot needs to be placed on the surfaces of the tray that are in contact with the front of the tooth. Overfilling the trays can result oozing and waste of the gel, and is more likely to cause gum-irritation.

Don’t Forget!

The frequency of use of your whitening system depends upon the manufacturer. Make sure you understand from your dentist what the recommended usage is. Don’t freeze gel that you are not using, but it is okay to store the gel in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf-life. Always keep the gel and trays out of reach of children and pets!

Talk to your dentist today about whitening options available to you!

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