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How Can I Maintain My Bright Smile After Whitening My Teeth?

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Whitening your teeth represents an investment – an investment you’ve made in yourself because you care about the kind of message you send to others. White teeth convey health, youth, confidence, and self-respect. Having achieved that movie star smile, what comes next? No bleach will permanently prevent teeth from picking up more stain down the road, so how do you keep your teeth white?

Avoid the Stain Causing Culprits!

You would preserve your white smile longer the more you avoid beverages that cause stain such as wine, coffee, tea, and cola. If you choose to drink them, don’t do so on a regular basis. Try to drink through a straw, when possible, to avoid contacting your teeth with the liquids.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

Rinse well with water or a mouthwash after eating or drinking a heavily staining food. Stay on top of a regular routine of frequent brushing and flossing to prevent the stain that comes with plaque buildup. Make sure you keep your regular appointments for dental cleanings with your hygienist.

Touch Ups for Maintenance

Whether you had whitening done by trays used at home or a special in-office whitening session, you have the option of regular touch ups to maintain your desired shade. Some patients don’t mind wait until their teeth are stained again to schedule another visit to the office. Others like to touch them up at home themselves with customized trays.

Congratulations on that bright, brand-new smile! Now, you’re prepared to maintain it so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Make an appointment with your local dentist to find out exactly which methods of shade preservation will work well for you.

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