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How to Extend Your Whitening Results

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Investing in a white smile is something that can last for years, if you know how to maintain it correctly. Even if you love coffee and tea, your smile can be kept white with the right tips and tricks following your whitening treatment.

Follow Your Whitening Directions Appropriately

If you want full whitening results, use your whitening product as it’s recommended. For people who are whitening at home, that means wearing your custom trays for the specified timeframe. Irregular wearing will produce less-significant results.

Store Your Gel Properly

Keeping your whitening gel in the refrigerator will help it stay potent longer. If you’re only touching up once or twice a year, your gel may expire before you’ve used it all up. Cool temperatures keep that from happening.  

Touch Up as Needed

Touching up every 3-6 months for up to a week is one of the most important parts of keeping your smile white. This process breaks up the daily accumulation of stain over your teeth from things like foods, wine, or tobacco. For people who enjoy a cup of coffee or two each day, they may want to touch up for 3-5 days every 3 months to keep their smile brighter. 

See Your Dentist Regularly

Regular cleanings remove tartar and stain accumulation that builds up between visits. Your hygienist will use special instruments to remove this buildup that cannot be removed on your own at home. It also allows your dentist an opportunity to check for discolorations that are associated with tooth decay or dental complications.

Regular maintenance can keep your smile white for the rest of your life. See your dentist for refill gel that lasts longer and whitens stronger than anything available over the counter.

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