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How White is “Too White” for My Smile?

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Thinking about whitening your teeth, getting dental veneers or just having a complete smile makeover made? Most likely, you want to go for a movie star white that turns heads and looks great all of the time. With so many shades of white to choose from, how can you pick one that looks natural, beautiful, and not too white?

Use the Shade Guide

There are literally dozens of shades of white when it comes to tooth enamel. Your dentist will have a shade guide to record your current tooth color and for you to see what the new colors could look like.

Look Through Magazines

Do you already have something in mind as far as how you want your new teeth to look? Try looking through magazines and bringing a few in with you to show to your dentist! Let your dentist know what looks good in your opinion, as well as what does not.

Use Natural Light

Your teeth look different when you are in natural light. Step outside or next to the window to get a better idea of what the tooth color will look like once you leave the dental office. 

Ask Your Dentist

Your dentist has transformed thousands of teeth and is the expert when it comes to selecting the right shade of tooth enamel. They are your primary guide when it comes to choosing how your new smile should look. Using your facial characteristics, skin tone and preferences are usually all your dentist needs to pick the right “white” for you.

The perfect white will most likely have just a hint of undertones. While it may look discolored on a shade guide, it can look amazing in your mouth!

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