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In-Office Whitening vs. Custom Whitening Trays

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Which professional whitening methods are more effective: in-office treatments or take-home trays? This an important question for anyone who is serious about having a whiter smile. Let’s get you started on figuring out the best option by considering some of the benefits of both options.

In-Office Whitening for the Time-Conscious Adult

In-office professional teeth whitening is typically done in a single spa-like setting. You get to relax with protective lenses on your eyes while the whitening material is activated by a special light. Your gums are also protected from the concentrated whitening gel with another protective material. In-office whitening is done as needed, is well-supervised, and gets the job done at one time.

Custom Whitening Trays Give You Control

Take-home whitening trays are designed from impressions we take of your mouth at the initial appointment. When your trays are ready, we check their fit against your bite and show you how to use and care for them so that you get the most out of them. Whitening trays that your use at home allows you to control how white your teeth are. The trays are worn for only a short period, each day. If your teeth or gums are a little sensitive to the whitening gel, you can cut back. We are always available to make suggestions for altering the way you use your whitening trays.

Both means of brightening your smile have proven to be very effective. The bottom line is that you and our dentist have to decide together which method will best suit your preferences and lifestyle. Schedule a consultation with our office to get started on achieving that white smile of your dreams!

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