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Is One Whitening Treatment Better than Another?

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What type of teeth whitening treatment works best, and why? Although the question is short, the answer is not. To understand why some types of teeth whitening work more effectively than others, you’ll need a background on what makes them different from one another.

Over the counter teeth whitening products such as strips are effective for people that have mild stain and don’t need tremendous whitening results. Unfortunately, the strength of gel that is available over the counter pales in comparison to what is prescription strength gel that you can get through a private dentist. The kits are also designed as a “one size fits all” which increases the risk to have uneven whitening results and even irritation or burns to the gum tissue.

Professional teeth whitening treatments use a higher concentrated gel, so the ability to lift deep stains has much more potential. If the method involves a custom whitening tray, the gel is held closely against all curvatures of the teeth, creating even whitening results. Or, if the method uses in-office whitening treatments, the gel is applied directly to the teeth and results are accelerated with the use of an ultraviolet light.

If you’re looking for more significant results that will last a longer period of time, then professional whitening methods are a good investment. They require light touch up treatments at home for a few days 2 or 3 times throughout the year, rather than whitening all over again with a store bought kit. Products such as whitening toothpastes and rinses are not very effective, but rather help remove very heavy stain or prevent more stain from recurring.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Joni Price DMD, ToothMasters

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