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Is Smile Whitening Worth It?

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Why do so many dental offices and oral health manufacturers market teeth whitening products to the public? Is it something that really makes a difference, or is it just an opportune way for someone to make a few extra dollars? The truth is, whitening is one of the fastest, easiest, most natural ways to transform how your smile looks; but not every type of tooth whitening treatment is created equal. 

Our smiles naturally begin to darken and have more stain accumulation as time goes by. This stain isn’t just on the outside of the tooth, but deep inside of the enamel as the tooth soaks up the stain on a day-by-day basis. Gradually this stain becomes so that our smiles look older. To restore brightness and a youthful appearance, these deep-set stains can be removed with an effective whitening treatment. People who whiten their smiles are often happier, more outgoing, and have better self-confidence around other people. In turn, others think they’re friendlier, and a better first impression is set when it matters the most. 

Professional teeth whitening is much more effective than over the counter whitening, because it is administered in a professional dental setting. The concentrations of whitening gel are higher and the product is safer to use because of custom-fitted trays or professional application. For in-office whitening, patients receive instant results in just an hour-long appointment. Take-home whitening trays produce the same results in just one to two weeks by wearing the custom-fitted trays for one hour each day. 

Which type of whitening is best for you? The types and amount of stains have a lot to do with the selection your dentist will recommend! Contact your dental care provider for a whitening consult today.

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