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Which Type of Tooth Whitening Is Best For Me?

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Many people these days are looking to boost their confidence in their appearance by having their teeth whitened. There are three primary means of having this done: professional in-office treatments, custom-fitted take-home trays, and over-the-counter products. Have you considered giving whitening a try? Which procedure will suit you best?


Most dental offices that feature cosmetic treatment offer professional whitening through the application of a hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching agent and perhaps the addition of special lighting. This usually lasts no more than an hour. The results are variable, but immediate, and can be maintained with diligent home care.


Some patients like to enjoy the combined benefits of whitening at home, but with professional assistance. To use professional whitening trays at home, your dentist will fit you with custom-made trays, and provide you with a lower dose of a bleaching agent along with instructions for use. You can monitor the progress yourself, and increase or decrease the frequency of use, as needed, to achieve the desired results. But be sure that you carefully follow the directions your dentist gives you.


Finally, some individuals first opt to try whitening products which they can purchase themselves outside of the dentist’s office. There are many, many products on the market which boast whitening abilities. OTC tooth-whitening products do not typically provide the more immediate drastic results achieved by professional whitening.

It is important to discuss with your dental care provider the products you are using or considering using. And don’t stop there—ask your dentist about what other options are available to help you achieve a dazzling smile!

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