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Which Whitening Gels Work Best?

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When you’ve decided to invest in a whiter smile, you want your whitening treatment to be as effective as possible.

A Professional Strength Gel

The most effective whitening gels can’t be purchased online, at the store, or in a salon; they can only be prescribed by your dentist. These gels are highly concentrated and give you the absolute best results. How? Because your dentist can safely administer them to you after screening for signs of tooth decay or gum disease. No over the counter product can do that! 

A Gel that Fits Closely Against Your Teeth

To get the most out of your gel, you want to make sure that you have a whitening tray that keeps the gel flush against the curved surfaces of your teeth. You can’t get that from an over-the-counter tray. Stock sized trays typically cause gels to create uneven whitening patterns, or even irritate your gum tissue. A custom made tray will ensure that every surface of your tooth is whitened properly. 

Gel that is Fresh and Unexpired

Whitening gel can last a long time, especially since only a small amount of it is worn in your whitening trays. That means you’ll most likely have leftover product that goes unused between your touch-ups. To keep your gel fresh, try storing it in the refrigerator. Most refill gel kits will last for at least a year when kept in a cool, dry place.

Making smart choices when it comes to your whitening gel means that you’ll have better results, longer results, and make a bigger impact with your friends and colleagues. If you haven’t started a whitening routine yet, talk to your dentist about the method that is best for your individual smile.

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