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Whitening vs. Veneers: Which is Right for Me?

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If you want to do something big for your smile, both whitening and dental veneers can make a tremendous impact on the appearance of your teeth. Each treatment can take years off of your appearance; giving you whiter teeth that boost your self-confidence and make you feel like smiling more often. Deciding which type of treatment is right for you can seem intimidating, but each treatment has different advantages that make them ideal for certain people.


Whitening is perfect if you’re happy with everything about your teeth other than their color. If your teeth are straight, even, and shaped the way you want them to be – whitening can help lift years worth of stains that make the enamel look discolored. Both in-office and custom at-home whitening kits are an effective way to enjoy big results. 


Veneers can change literally everything about the way your smile looks. If your teeth look crooked, misshaped, or are deeply stained, veneers can cover all of that. Each veneer is actually a thin sheet or porcelain that is bonded right over your tooth to create the appearance of a brand new one.


Surprise! Did you know that you could choose to both whiten your smile and have dental veneers? You can. Some people need fewer veneers to adjust their smile, but then the veneers need to be matched to the other teeth. If your teeth aren’t as bright as you want them to be, whitening them first is the best choice. Once your ideal shade is achieved, the veneers are made to blend right in.

Have you decided which choice is right for you? Talk to your dentist about how quickly you can enjoy a brand new, beautiful smile!

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