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Your Child and Teeth Whitening

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As your child loses teeth and grows in new adult ones, you notice a disturbing pattern: the new teeth look dark yellow compared with the pearly baby whites!

You perhaps wonder whether teeth whitening is something you should consider to help your son or daughter have a bright smile. How do the dental experts feel about this matter?

It’s Natural!

First of all, it’s perfectly normal for the adult teeth to look much darker in comparison with the white baby teeth. This is because baby teeth have a thinner layer of dentin inside, giving them a brighter color.

If your child is not brushing properly, food and plaque buildup can also cause some significant staining.

Kids and Whitening

The danger in children whitening their teeth is that we don’t yet know just how whitening could harm baby teeth. Whitening (even the at-home whitening strips) use strong chemicals that can cause tooth and gum sensitivity even in adults.

Maintaining a White Smile for Life

When your son or daughter is a bit older and feels self-conscious about the color of his or her teeth, whitening may then become an option. In the meantime, prevent stain and promote excellent oral health for your child by:

  • Avoiding heavily staining foods
  • Keeping plaque at bay with frequent brushing and flossing
  • Using a fluoride rinse to prevent cavities
  • Visiting your dentist regularly

The most important part of your child’s smile is that it’s a healthy one. Be proactive by taking steps to prevent dental disease. In time, your child will thank you for the foundation of dental health that you provided for them!

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