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5 Things You Never Realized Are Bad for Your Oral Health

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How many things on this list sound familiar to you? As it turns out, any one of the following common activities or items could cost you your smile.

A Nibbling Habit

Pen caps, fingernails, lips, and more. “Nibblers” often find something to chew on to satisfy this nervous habit. Chewing on things that aren’t food is bad for both your teeth and jaw. You risk chipping your front teeth and forcefully aligning them to get in a good nibble could put a strain on your TMJ.

Rough Tooth Brushing

More isn’t always better – not when it comes to tooth brushing, at least. Many people think that teeth are just bones and don’t realize that something as soft as toothbrush bristles could hurt them.

It is possible, however, to literally scrub away enamel after years of brushing too hard. Rough brushing can also irritate the gingiva and cause gum recession.

Dry Mouth

It’s not just uncomfortable; dry mouth is a recipe for oral health disaster. Without a healthy saliva flow, cavity-causing bacteria flourish. Thirst may also move someone to sip on sugary drinks and suck on sweet candy, both of which can worsen decay.

Orange Juice

Acidic fruits may be high in vitamin C, but eating too much can dissolve tooth enamel. Rinse out with water after eating sour fruit or fruit juice and wait a half hour before brushing away the residue.

Baking Soda Toothpaste

Baking soda makes the perfect toothpaste in a pinch and it’s the active ingredient in whitening toothpastes. The only issue is that frequent use can abrade tooth enamel and even scratch up some dental restorations.

Ask your dentist for more oral health tips to find out how to have healthy teeth for a lifetime.

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