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Can Braces Cause TMJ Problems?

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Some braces wearers are convinced that braces are the cause of their jaw pain. Can braces actually cause TMJ pain, however?

What Is TMJ?

TMJ is the“temporomandibular joint.” That’s the ball-and-hinge joint that connects your lower jaw to the rest of your face. Your TMJ is responsible for actions such as chewing, speaking, and yawning.

If you experience any pain or hear clicks or pops when you move your jaw, then you may have TMJ disorder or temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

What Causes TMJ Disorder?

There is no single cause of TMJ disorder or TMD. Most of the time, degeneration seems to result from unusual wear and tear or overuse.

For example, people who grind or clench their teeth or chew a lot of gum tend to have TMJ issues.

Teeth that don’t fit together correctly can put more strain on one side of the jaw than the other. So, it is possible for crooked teeth to cause TMJ pain. But straightening teeth with braces can help to make it better.

Braces put pressure on teeth alone. They don’t need any leverage from the jaw joint to work. If anything, straightening teeth may help balance out the bite and take some stress off the TMJ.

The Painful Facts of Braces

Although they don’t cause TMJ, braces can cause some soreness. The metal brackets and wires are sharp on soft tissue like lips and cheeks. Pressure put on the tooth roots can make the gums and bone around teeth sore, but it shouldn’t affect the TMJ.

Do you want to minimize braces pain? Are you wondering if you suffer from TMD? Get answers to these questions and more by visiting your local dentist.

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