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3 Signs Your Denture Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

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Dentures are an excellent solution for lost teeth. Because dentures are not the same as the originals, they are prone to wear and tear. No denture will last forever, but if you are alert to the signs, then you can be proactive about having your dentures repaired or replaced before they cause you any further discomfort.

Sores or irritations in your mouth. At some point while wearing dentures, you may notice the development of some bothersome sores. You may not feel anything at all, but even if you notice a discolored patch or the growth of excess tissue, this could be the result of a problem with your dentures. Your dentures may not fit very well anymore, or there could be an edge roughened by a fracture that you didn’t notice.

Slipping of your denture when you talk or eat. If you notice that your denture has become looser, this could be due to bone loss. The absence of teeth causes the bone underneath your gums to slowly resorb, or shrink. When the bone levels inevitably change with time, the fit of the dentures will continue to worsen.

Fractures or chips. You may feel that a fracture or chipped tooth is not a big deal. A broken area, however, could disrupt your bite, cause injury to your mouth, and house bacteria that cause oral infection.

It is a fact that no dentures last forever. Stay alert to the signs that your denture needs repair or replacement and mention any concerns you may have with your denture to your dentist or prosthodontist.

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