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How to Keep Your Tooth-Colored Fillings White

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Metal fillings, while sturdy and reliable, are gradually being phased-out by minimally-invasive tooth-colored fillings.

Gone are the days of smiling with shame when you remember how much metal is flashing in your mouth! Made of white composite material, tooth-colored fillings will stay discreet unless they become discolored.

What can you do to keep them nice and bright?

Maintain Excellent Oral Hygiene

Over time, the margins of fillings can collect stain. With thorough and frequent brushing, you can avoid the buildup that creates a permanent discoloration. Rinse often after eating, too. Swish with a bit of water after meals and use a fluoride rinse after brushing to reinforce the tooth around the edges of fillings.

Avoid Heavy-Staining Foods

Dark beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine are notorious for making white fillings stand out more than they’re supposed to. Keep these drinks to a minimum if you want to keep your fillings white.

Cut Out Tobacco

Tobacco will stain many dental restorations just like it does natural teeth. If you want a white smile, then work on cutting tobacco use out of your life completely. Your health will benefit from the choice, as well!

Dream Big!

Sometimes, a white filling just isn’t enough.

You can get small fillings on front teeth, but if these stain, they will be the first things people notice when you smile. To enhance the appeal of your smile, you might want to cover up old fillings on front teeth with dental veneers.

Visit your dentist for a complete dental checkup and to find out which restorative options will benefit your smile the most.

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