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3 Facts About Dental Veneers

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Giving some thought to enhancing your smile with a little help from dental veneers? Then this is just what you need to get a better idea of what to expect!

Dental Veneers Give An Instant Smile Boost

It does take a little time to design your new smile with veneers, but they will give you faster results than whitening and braces do! Veneers are placed to just the fronts of the top front teeth. This can even out teeth that are gapped, chipped, a little twisted, or deeply stained. They can give your smile a more even appearance within a matter of a couple weeks.

Dental Veneers Are Custom Made

Dental veneers are not cookie-cutter restorations. This means that they aren’t the paste-on white squares some people think they are. Rather, you decide how you want your smile to look, first. Your dentist will then help you choose the number, color, size, and shape of the veneers that will best suit your smile.

Your teeth are matched for a fit, and then a mold is sent to a lab with directions so that your veneers fit perfectly as you expected.

Dental Veneers Last Longer Than Dental Bonding

Bonding is a popular option for repairing small chips on front teeth. But if the fracture is not too big, then a veneer may be just right for you. Dental bonding needs to be updated, but a veneer should last much longer.

Your dentist will give you personalized recommendations for restoration solutions. A professional examination will help you understand even better what your smile needs to stand out in a crowd! Call your local dental office today to set up a consultation for dental veneers.

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