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3 Ways to Fix a Chipped Tooth

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Have you ever suffered from a chipped front tooth? Maybe you bumped it during an accident, got hit by a baseball, or just bit down on the wrong thing. Whatever it was – a chipped tooth can make it impossible for you to go out in public. Here are 3 options that can help to address the functional and aesthetic concerns of a broken front tooth:

Composite Bonding

Mild to moderate chips or irregularities can sometimes be covered up with a bonded restoration. Bonding is relatively quick to complete, taking less than an hour total. The material is similar to what is used in a tooth-colored filling. It is shaped over the tooth to make the tooth look whole again, and then cured in place with a bright light. 

Porcelain Veneers

When bonding isn’t an option, or the chip is a bit larger than what bonding can repair, a porcelain veneer can give you dramatic results. Veneers simply cover the front and biting edge of the tooth, changing its appearance. Veneers are cosmetic in nature, but they provide your tooth with the same functions as if it hadn’t been chipped. 

Full Coverage Crown

If the break is fairly large, covering it with a crown will be the best option. Especially if a root canal is involved. Otherwise the tooth will just continue to chip apart even further. Crowns cover the entire tooth, unlike veneers, which just cover the front.

You might have more than one choice when it comes to correcting your smile. Call your dentist to see which one is best. A simple exam and x-ray is all you will need to find out.

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