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Are Porcelain Crowns and Veneers Strong Enough for Your Smile?

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Many of the materials used in dentistry today have shifted from precious metals and metal alloys to resins, composites, and porcelain types of restorations. While these are more aesthetic and can be used throughout the entire mouth, are they as durable over the lifespan of your smile? The truth is – yes!

With modern advancements in dental materials and treatment techniques, patients who opt to have porcelain restorations like crowns and veneers are able to rebuild their smiles while also benefitting from aesthetics. Beauty and form come together!

There are different types of resins and porcelains that are used, depending on the type of treatment you’re having and the lab that is used by the dentist. Careful attention to the location of the tooth as well as its function plays a key role in this design process. Since porcelain crowns and veneers come in dozens upon dozens of shades, they can be closely matched with your other teeth and blend right in with your natural dental anatomy.

Repairing your tooth with a porcelain crown can be one of the best investments that you ever make. Weak, broken teeth will continue to break down until the tooth is no longer restorable. Placing a crown over it preserves the tooth, returns normal function, and looks great all at the same time. Likewise, porcelain veneers can cover mild to moderate abnormalities on the front of the teeth while also giving you a durable, beautiful tooth in the process.

If you’ve been holding out on necessary oral care because you’ve worried that new “aesthetic” materials aren’t durable enough, it’s time to think again!

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