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CEREC Same-Day Veneers

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CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) veneers are porcelain dental veneers that are completed in a single appointment. Structurally, they serve the same purpose that regular veneers do. The difference is that CEREC veneers are completed using computer-assisted design. The equipment needed for the procedure is kept in the office, making the process much faster than the traditional method of having veneers fashioned in a lab.

CEREC Veneers: The Procedure

In a manner similar to that of regular veneer-fitting, the tooth is prepped. Instead of taking an impression of the tooth, however, the dentist uses the computer to take a digital scan of the tooth. The dentist carefully selects a piece of porcelain to match the natural color of your teeth. From this piece of porcelain, the CEREC machine mills the veneer. The finished product is then cemented into place by the dentist.

The Benefits of These Same-Day Veneers

Because these veneers are crafted on-site, you can leave the office with a brand-new smile in less than an hour. No temporaries are needed! CEREC Veneers save you on time and money. If you are someone who suffers from severe dental anxiety requiring sedation, then you may be comforted to learn that you can have a veneer fitted within one appointment instead of coming back for repeated sessions involving sedation. The design of these veneers is very precise owing to the computer-assisted design technology used.

Not every office has the state-of-the-art equipment and computer technology needed to provide CEREC Veneers in one day. If a dental office offers these veneers, the dentist has made an investment in the equipment and extensive training.

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