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Crowns or Veneers? Which is Best for Me?

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Investing in a smile makeover or cosmetic dental treatment means you’ll be making some important decisions. One question that many people ask their dentist is “should I get crowns or veneers?” While each of these treatments change the way your smile looks, they approach it from two different directions:

Full Coverage Crowns

A crown is a restoration that covers the entire tooth above the gumline. Not only does it change the way the tooth looks, it also protects and restores enamel that has been compromised. For example, crowns protect badly decayed teeth or tooth structure that has fractured past the point of normal function.  

Dental Veneers

Unlike crowns, dental veneers cover only the front of your teeth. This makes them useful for significantly enhancing the appearance of your teeth that do not have corrective needs such as tooth decay or compromised structure. Rather, they are a straightforward approach to changing everything about the way the front of the teeth look. 

Both crowns and veneers can be shaped and colored so that they blend in with your smile or make it look even whiter. They can also make teeth appear straighter, fuller, and even across your mouth. It’s just that one of them is used for strengthening your tooth while the other is used only for aesthetic purposes. 

Still not sure which option is best for you? That’s ok! Having the background information that you need will help you make the right choice when you talk to your dentist about your smile enhancement. A simple exam and x-ray is all that your dentist needs to help you with your decision. Schedule your consultation today!

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