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How to Make Your Teeth Look Bigger

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Some people are really sick of having tiny teeth! There usually isn’t a big problem with having small teeth. Some folks just feel that they look like a little kid when they smile.

Do small teeth bother you? You have a few options to change the way you feel about your smile!

Are Your Teeth Really the Problem?

The first thing to consider is whether your teeth are actually tiny. The problem may simply be that you have too much gum tissue covering your teeth. This could be natural or the result of a medication you’re taking. Excess gum tissue can be carefully trimmed away and contoured to reveal more of the crown of a tooth.

Your Best Option for Making Your Teeth Bigger

If you genuinely have small teeth (which is a possibility!), then dental veneers could be your answer. Veneers serve as permanent false fronts. They change the appearance of the front of your teeth by increasing their size and closing up gaps between them.

If Gaps are the Problem

Sometimes, teeth look small just because they’re rather spaced out. It’s no shame to have braces as an adult! You may discover that a little orthodontic help can bring your teeth into a uniform line, making them look much more natural, proportionally speaking.

It’s quite common, in fact, for patients to combine any and all of the above-listed suggestions. You might also benefit from overlapping a few different procedures. Have fun as you customize your own plan for changing your little teeth into a smile you can show off with pride! Contact your dentist for more details.

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