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Lumineers Offer Long-Term, Reversible Results

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Deciding to get dental veneers is a big decision. It gives you an entirely new smile for life. For people who want a new smile but don’t want the lifetime commitment of traditional porcelain veneers, Lumineers offer a great alternative. Lumineers do everything a traditional veneer does, but with the option of a non-invasive process that doesn’t alter your natural teeth.

Sometimes called “no-prep” veneers, Lumineers are completed using a different type of approach from porcelain veneers. With porcelain veneers the teeth are altered in shape and size, with the veneer cemented on top of it. Lumineers do not require tooth reshaping; the surface is only lightly conditioned to enhance the bonding of the Lumineers veneer with the porous tooth enamel.

Should you ever have a Lumineers veneer come off or want to have them removed, each one can be taken off without the need for a secondary cosmetic treatment. Traditional veneers must be replaced if they are removed, because of the altered tooth structure that is exposed. If for any reason you decide you no longer want your Lumineers, taking them off is a simple process.

Lumineers are slightly transparent and thin enough that they create a natural appearance after being bonded over your real tooth. This prevents them from feeling bulky or looking artificial.

Having your Lumineers treatment is even simpler! All that is needed is an impression of your mouth and a discussion with your dentist about what aspects of your smile you would like to change. In just two weeks, your personalized Lumineers are ready to be bonded into place. Are you ready for a new smile? Ask your dentist if Lumineers are right for you.

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