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Same Day Veneers

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You’ve probably heard about same day dentistry and same day crowns, but have you heard about same day dental veneers? This unique type of cosmetic treatment is available in offices that offer same day crown technology, allowing you to correct the appearance of your concerned tooth in just one appointment.

Same Day Veneer Technology

To make a same day veneer, your dentist will take a 3D virtual scan of your tooth, instead of a gooey impression. This digital image is then transferred into an on-site milling machine that allows a custom fitted veneer to be created right there in the office. There’s no need to prep the tooth, take an impression, make a mold of your mouth, and send it off to a lab for 2 weeks! Instead, you can have your veneer placed at the very same time of your prep appointment. 

Results that Look Great

The resin material used in same day veneers provides you with one of the best aesthetic results of any other restorative material. Made from high-grade materials that are color-matched to your other teeth, your resin veneer will provide you with a semi-translucent, natural sheen that makes your tooth look as real as possible. Your results will last for years.

What used to take 2 or 3 appointments to complete now only takes about an hour and a half! If you have a tooth that is affecting the way your smile looks, it’s time to ask your dentist about a same day veneer. It’s the only way to have a veneer placed in one visit, transforming your entire smile.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Hye Park


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